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You deserve a State Senator with experience, integrity, and demonstrated leadership. I grew up in the District on Whidbey Island. As a third-generation small business owner, I’ve supported local jobs and the economy for over 30 years.  I was recognized as a “Hometown Hero” for my volunteer contributions to the community. Having served two terms on the South Whidbey School Board, three terms as Island County Commissioner and as President of the Washington Association of Counties, I have the experience and know-how to lead.

Our rural communities need more family wage jobs and economic opportunities that enhance our quality of life and protect the environment. I know how to listen, create, and implement practical problem-solving strategies. My leadership and respectful approach to diverse points of view will produce the best results for you in Olympia.



Decent and affordable housing is a basic human need, essential for your personal security and dignity, whether as a young worker or a senior member of the community. It is also essential for economic and community stability. I will work with State and local officials to revise outdated regulations, and give our District the tools they need to tackle housing problems in ways that preserve both our environment and our communities.



Climate change is here, and we must act NOW. State and local officials need to work together with residents to significantly reduce carbon emissions. If the other Washington won’t act, this Washington will. I will help develop incentives to increase renewable energy and create a State-wide recycling plan. We must ensure adequate funding to protect our clean water, shorelines, forests, and natural habitats.



Many families in our District have been tragically impacted by the opioid epidemic and the limited treatment options for mental health. Further, our District has unique medical challenges to serve our large senior, veteran, and rural populations.

I will support increased investment for mental health and addiction treatment. I will join efforts to hold pharmaceutical companies accountable for the opioid crisis, and I will work on a State-wide plan to lower prescription costs.



We must provide our young people the tools they need to become the workforce of the future. I support greater opportunities for community colleges and apprenticeship programs. Also, all school districts should receive necessary state funding to provide free early childhood education. The return on this investment will be high as more children have access to early learning opportunities.



We have limited transportation connections across our District for people and products. We need a comprehensive approach to increase multi-modal options such as trails, park and ride facilities, bus terminals, ferries, train, and light rail services. The State must move forward on plans to provide connectivity to rural communities and farms. 

We must invest in replacing aging infrastructure and ferries, and the State must lead in addressing our integrated transportation needs. We can create better transportation and create good jobs while we do it.



All veterans should be treated with respect and dignity. Through their sacrifices, they have earned health care and other support services. As your Senator, I will continue my work to improve veterans’ services and remove red tape, so our heroes can have better access to affordable healthcare and housing.

Small Farms

Read this recent Letter to the Editor about Helen’s campaign and the support of our local farms.

“We farmers want to build a healthy food system for the communities we love while caring for our fragile environment. Please vote for Helen, the candidate that will have our backs.”

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Dear Friends --

I have called Senator Muzzall to congratulate him on a successful campaign for state Senate. While there are a small number of votes left to count, they will not change the end result in my race. I am very proud of how much we achieved - winning Island and Skagit Counties, but we just couldn't overcome the opposition in Snohomish County.

Thank you to the tens of thousands of voters in Island, Skagit and Snohomish counties who cast their votes for me and a big thank you to the volunteers and donors who gave countless hours, and their hard earned money to our effort. I cannot begin to express my gratitude for all that you have done to help our campaign. And, I wanted to say a big thank you to my family, who has loved and supported me over my years of public service.

While our campaign is ending, our work to improve the lives of rural communities has just begun. I will stay active and involved, and will continue to speak out on issues that affect our islands and rural Washington - healthcare, education, jobs, economic development, housing and so many more.

Yours in service,
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Not what we wanted to hear. Congratulations on running such an open ethical and positive campaign! BJ and I are proud to have been supporters. Interested to see what you do next!

I am so sad, Helen, because you would have been the most awesome Senator ever! But evidently the universe has another plan for you. 💕 Thank you for putting yourself out there in this tough race. You ran with positivity and integrity and we couldn’t be more proud of you!

Thank you for running, sis! You knew campaigning in a swing district was going to be challenging, and you were an excellent candidate! Your experience as a businessperson, a community volunteer, and an effective county commissioner would have served your neighbors well: you would have been a great state senator. Still, I know you and your husband will continue to improve our community in ways you haven't yet thought of. (You can't help yourselves!❤️)

I believe Helen's solid margin in Island County where they know her best says a lot about how much people recognize Helen's ability and all the great things she has done for the community. Such a privilege to be related to you Helen

Helen, it was such an honor to play even a small part in your campaign. Your gift is bringing people together for the greater good. I hope you'll take a well-deserved break before moving on to the next challenge. When the time comes, just put out the word and you'll have a vertitable army at your side.

It was a pleasure to phone bank for you!

Thank you for running for State Senate! My heart is broken because we so needed your leadership! Thank you for your graciousness. Promise us you will make another run!!!

Sitting here feeling very sad. And. I am on board for whatever you run for next..

NO, I called every one I knew. This is not good at all. We need you.

You are a class act and a true public servant, Helen! Thank you.

You are a class act, Helen. I have so much respect for you, and look forward to whatever you do next. 💕

Thank you Helen- to say I’m utterly devastated with this outcome would be an understatement. You are a beacon of what is good in our community and I know you will continue to help others in our community who need a voice. Thank you!

Thanks so much Helen. I’m truly sorry you were not elected. I consider you one of the great champions of Island County!

Thank you Helen, hopefully we will see you representing us sometime in the future.

Thank you Helen- especially for your integrity- running such a positive campaign. Those who know you love you and appreciate all you have done and will do in the future. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Thank you for running for office Hellen, we really appreciate you putting yourself out there, and running a fantastic race. While we are saddened to hear the totals at this point, We’re confident this isn’t the end of the line, just the end of this particular race. Thank you again.

Helen, this is very sad. Thank you for your positive campaign. The hate mail against you was deplorable. You are a fine woman, and would have been a terrific state senator. Thank you for all you do for our island community.

I'm so sad about this loss! I hope you run again!

Thank you so much for everything, Helen. You are a dedicated advocate for all of us in Island County and in the state. Sending much appreciation and love.

Thank you for this great effort, Helen. I'm so sorry you didn't prevail.

I’m so sorry. The R’s seem to get more despicable every year.

Sad. Was so hopeful on election night. Best wishes. You are a good woman! Thank you much for running.

You did your best, Helen. I hope Senator Muzzall learns to listen. That has not been my experience so far. One of the reasons I strongly supported you was that you listed to your constituents - all of them.

Dear Helen, we are so very proud of you!! Your persistent hard work & determination to make our world a better place is much appreciated!! Big hugs to you wonderful friend!

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While my team and I have been celebrating the heartening, historic win for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, we have also been closely monitoring the results of our own race.

It is unfortunate, but I am currently behind in my race for State Senate. We will have more finalized results in the coming days, but in the meantime, I want all of you to know how appreciative I am to have your support. The reason I have the strength to patiently await results each night is because I am surrounded by such love in my life.

I am eternally grateful to everyone who voted and showed their support this past year. We have so much to be proud of together no matter the result.

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We will apply all that patience we’ve been practicing on the national level to the 10th LD! 🤞🏼

You are amazing Helen!

You will always have our support and whatever you do

I am rooting for you! We need you in the State Senate! 💜

We’re rooting for you! :-)

Rooting for you!!!!! You will always be contributing mightily to your Island and your constituents. Whatever happens, I’m not concerned one bit. Although I definitely want YOU as Senator!

Sending support and appreciation to you Helen Price Johnson! We are all in with you and warming you with faith, hope and goodness -and more votes as they continue to get counted in the 10th!

Ohhh I will be holding my breath for the best outcome with you winning this race.

Pulling for you!!!

You are amazing Helen Price Johnson! We love and support you!!! If not now, I'm counting on you for a return. We need your leadership!

Pulling for you!

Helen, we are watching and waiting and being hopeful!

Keep the faith!!! I still believe!

Good luck, you have many rooting for you.

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